Update on the Brassicaceae Species Checklist
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Here we present a revised species checklist for the Brassicaceae updated from Warwick SI, Francis, A., Al-Shehbaz IA (2006). Brassicaceae: Species checklist and database on CD-ROM. Plant Systematics and Evolution 259: 249─25. This update of the checklist was initiated on the basis of recent taxonomic and molecular studies on the Brassicaceae that have resulted in new species names, combinations and associated synonyms. New data has been added indicating tribal affiliations within the family and where type specimens have been designated. In addition, information from many early publications was checked and added to the database. The database now includes information on 14,980 taxa, 4,634 of which are currently accepted and divided into 340 genera and 52 tribes. A selected bibliography of recent publications on the Brassicaceae is included.

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Checklist; Brassicaceae; mustard family; crucifer; global checklist


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Ardath Francis
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Suzanne Warwick
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Beatriz E. Lujan-Toro
Biologist in Computational Biology
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Ardath Francis
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Suzanne Warwick
Retired Scientist
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
James A. Macklin
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Sara L. Martin
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Couverture géographique

The checklist covers species, subspecies and varieties from the Brassicaceae family at a global scale.

Enveloppe géographique Sud Ouest [-90, -180], Nord Est [90, 180]
Couverture taxonomique

The database includes information on 14,980 taxa, 4,634 of which are currently accepted and divided into 340 genera and 52 tribes.

Kingdom  Plantae (plants)
Class  Equisetopsida (vascular plants)
Family  Brassicaceae (mustard or crucifer family)
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Date de début / Date de fin 1970-01-01 / 2019-01-01
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