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During a field course on spider taxonomy and ecology at the University of Helsinki we had the opportunity to sample four plots with a dual objective of both teaching on field methods, spider identification and behaviour, and uncovering the spider diversity patterns found in the southern coastal forests of Hankoniemi. As an ultimate goal, this field course intended to contribute to a global project that intends to uncover spider diversity patterns worldwide (see With that purpose, we followed a set of standardized methods and procedures that allow the comparability of obtained data with numerous other samples being conducted across all continents. By doing so we guarantee that this data will be reused for multiple future projects currently being implemented.

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Occurrence; Specimen


Who created the resource:

Pedro Cardoso
University of Helsinki Finnish Museum of Natural History 00014 Helsinki Helsinki FI +358294128854

Who can answer questions about the resource:

Pedro Cardoso
University of Helsinki Finnish Museum of Natural History 00014 Helsinki Helsinki FI +358294128854

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Pedro Cardoso
University of Helsinki Finnish Museum of Natural History 00014 Helsinki Helsinki FI +358294128854

Geographic Coverage

Hankoniemi, Finland

Bounding Coordinates South West [59.8, 23], North East [59.9, 23.3]

Taxonomic Coverage

No Description available

Order  Araneae (Spiders)

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 2016-06-13 / 2016-06-26

Sampling Methods

We followed the COBRA - Conservation Oriented Biodiversity Rapid Assessment protocol at the four plots. This protocol, first proposed for Mediterranean spiders and very recently adapted for and being applied both on the tropics and islands involves night aerial sampling (4 hours/plot), day/night sweeping (4 hours/plot), day/night beating (4 hours/plot) and pitfall traps (48 traps distributed for 12 samples). In total it involves about 24 hours of effective work per site.

Study Extent Four 50x50m plots following a West to East transect were selected for sampling. All were in mixed coastal forests dominated by Norway spruce and Scots pine at sea level (0 - 10 m). Plots 1 and 2 were separated by about 100 m, plot 3 was 1.8 km and plot 4 was 5 km from the first.

Method step description:

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Additional Metadata

Alternative Identifiers a53b8dbb-067c-49d3-83b8-d9d8f55f0e37