Ohio Plecoptera Atlas

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Occurrence data used for "Atlas of Ohio Aquatic Insects: Volume II, Plecoptera" by R. DeWalt, Scott Grubbs, Brian Armitage, Richard Baumann, Shawn Clark, Michael Bolton. A BDJ article published in late 2016.

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Plecoptera; stoneflies; distributional atlas; adult phenology; stream size association; museum data.


Who created the resource:

R. Edward DeWalt
Illinois Natural History Survey 1816 S Oak St. 61820 Champaign Illinois US 2176497414

Who can answer questions about the resource:

R. Edward DeWalt
Illinois Natural History Survey 1816 S Oak St. 61820 Champaign Illinois US 2176497414

Who filled in the metadata:

R. Edward DeWalt
Illinois Natural History Survey 1816 S Oak St. 61820 Champaign Illinois US 2176497414

Who else was associated with the resource:

R. Edward DeWalt
Illinois Natural History Survey 1816 S Oak St. 61820 Champaign Illinois US 2176497414

Geographic Coverage

State of Ohio.

Bounding Coordinates South West [38.37, -84.84], North East [42.35, -80.51]

Taxonomic Coverage

Plecoptera, or stoneflies, environmentally sensitive aquatic insects.

Order  Plecoptera (stoneflies)

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 1880-01-01 / 2016-05-01

Project Data

Initially funded by the USA National Science foundation to reconstruct the assemblage characteristics of a rapidly disappearing fauna with the Midwest, USA region (Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin). The publication that these data support is an atlas of the Ohio stonefly fauna with distribution, adult phenology, and stream size association. A total of 7797 specimen records resulting from INHS and over 20 other institutions, government agencies, and literature based specimen records.

Title Midwest Plecoptera
Funding We are grateful to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife, Wildlife Diversity and Endangerment Species Program who funded the Ohio Biological Survey to conduct extensive survey work from 1993-2000 that resulted in a large collection of stoneflies. Other agencies, corporations, and individuals who were integral to this survey work are acknowledged in Armitage et al. (2011). We also acknowledge partial funding from the National Science Foundation (DEB 09–18805 ARRA, DBI 14-58285) that supported digitization of these records.
Study Area Description Ohio is located in the eastern USA. Historically, it was forest covered. About 50% Wisconsinan age glaciated and flat, the other half is hilly but with valleys often filled with glacial outwash. The SE half is contained with the Allegheny and Appalachian plateaus and contains some stonefly fauna more characteristic of more mountanous states to the east.
Design Description About 65% of the specimen records derive from qualitative collecting beginning in the late 19th century. Most of the specimens are from post 1930s origin and represent the collections of some 20 institutions. 25% of the specimens derive from Ohio Environmental Protection Agency stream basin surveys that concentrated on larvae. The rest represent literature records that were also collected using qualitative methods. Most specimen records are represented by a unique identifiers

The personnel involved in the project:

Scott A. Grubbs
Brian J. Armitage
Richard W. Baumann
Shawn Clark
Michael J. Bolton

Sampling Methods

Mostly qualitative methods including sweep nets, beating sheets, ultraviolet light traps, dip nets. Rearing of larvae to adulthood to assist with species level identification. All season sampling

Study Extent This study covered all of Ohio.
Quality Control IDs confirmed by multiple taxonomists on the project. Multiple site visits and multi-season sampling helped to define the entire assemblage.

Method step description:

  1. Used as many methods as necessary to obtain all species present during a given site/date event.
  2. Specimens were borrowed from all regional museums, private collections, and agencies conducting water quality work. Most of the specimens were identified to species and some difficult species shared among the authors to obtain identifications.
  3. Undergraduate students were employed to record label data, parse data into separate field, and in some cases georeference the data. DeWalt oversaw all data capture and checked coordinates assigned to each location. Most specimens and database records were associated using a unique identifier--either an INHS catalog or DeWalt's Midwest Plecoptera catalog. Data have been examined many times to match up taxon OTUs with current valid names pulled from Plecoptera Species File--http://plecoptera.speciesfile.org/.

Collection Data

Collection Name Illinois Natural History Survey Insect Collection
Collection Identifier INHS
Specimen preservation methods Alcohol,  Pinned

Additional Metadata

Purpose In part to reconstruct the stonefly fauna of the Midwest USA.
Maintenance Description Small updates as more information on Ohio stoneflies becomes available.
Alternative Identifiers http://ipt.pensoft.net/resource?r=ohioplecopteraatlas